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Numerous interesting concepts for electric vehicles have been shown over the last two decades. Many of these were showcased by the traditional vehicle manufacturers (VMs) in the US, Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, none of the concepts from the big VMs has made it to the street.

We can only hope that changing public opinion on topics such as global warming and sustainability, together with the market success of hybrid vehicles, will have an impact on VMs willingness to provide affordable electric vehicles in the near future.


Name Country Description
GM Chevrolet VOLT USA Demonstrated at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2007, the Volt disposes of a small combustion engine, which can be used to recharge the batteries. Unfortunately, the manufacturer claims that the Volt won't enter into production before 2010, possibly 2012, because the required Li-Ion battery technology won't be ready before then ...
Mitsubishi MEV Japan Shown first to the public in 2005, this vehicle is based on the Mitsubishi Colt and is equipped with an electric motor and a Li-Ion battery pack. Currently there are no plans for production.
TZero USA All electric sports car made by AC Propulsion. 3 prototypes produced. No sales planned - the company focuses today on conversion vehicles (Scion)


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