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About ecowhizz


Our mission

ecowhizz was founded in 2006 to create a knowledge basis for ecological mobility and green living. We want to show that individual eco-friendly mobility is possible here and today, thanks to the availability of a wide range of electric vehicles in many markets. The same holds true for green living in general, which is really easy to pursue, as long as you know how to go about it.

Benjamin, the founder of ecowhizz, has been following the area of electric vehicles and renewable energies for more than a decade. His initial motivation for studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was to build a motor that "runs on water" (or at least gets close to it in terms of emissions). After gaining experiences in a number of industries including aerospace, media and energy / renewables, he now works as the sustainability & clean energy manager for a big internet company.

The technology required to put sustainable personal transport into practice is in many cases already available today, but the knowledge about EVs is not widely diffused. In addition, EVs and most importantly battery technology are improving continuously, and their performance will increase significantly in the near future. Hence the idea to create a platform for potential buyers of EVs, who want to start improving their impact on the environment.

If you have comments on this website, including any kind of constructive criticiscm or new ideas, we look forward to reading about it at

You can also follow Benjamin on his blog at (that is, if his green day job leaves him time to blog...).


Our name

eco := ecological, aimed at protecting the environment
whizz := sound made by an object passing at high speed (like an EV at full speed)