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Electric Vehicles


EV (and alternative fuels) blogs and news sites

Treehugger   A tree hugging website with an extensive section on sustainable transport
Autoblog Green   A US-based blog that treats the topic of EVs and alternative fuels
EVFinder   Noel Adams' EVFinder is a well known destination in the industry. This is a very comprehensive site listing EVs in different categories. It also has a good section on upcoming developments, as well as EV classifieds.
Wired Autopia   The autoblog of the Wired magazine has a series of interesting EV / Alternative Fuels (AF) articles
EV World   The news archive of the EV World
Mondoelettrico   An EV blog in italian
Automotive World   The Environmental section of AW
Carjunky   This site has an interesting section on alternative fuel vehicles
Green Car Guide   Green car buying guide for the UK (EVs come out top, as expected)
Alternative Fuels   Series of articles on alternative fuels of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (german)


Emission comparison of electric vs. petrol-powered vehicles

Driving the Future   Extensive analysis to prove that EVs produce 97% less emissions than petrol powered cars; this takes into account all emissions incurred well-to-wheel for both methods
AVERE   European Electric Road Vehicle Association - Energy efficiency and energy savings of EVs vs. traditional cars
Tesla Motors   Detailed analysis of emissions of EVs compared to those of traditional vehicles on a well-to-wheel basis (PDF file)


EV knowledge

Wikipedia - EV   Wiki page on Electric Vehicles - very comprehensive
How EVs work   A detailed guide to converting your car into an EV (US based)
Altairnano company website   Altairnano is working on a nanotechnology-enhanced new battery technology enabling high ranges and battery lifetime -- a company to be watched closely


More electric vehicles (e.g. custom built, conversion EVs)

Austin EV Album   Photo album with conversion EVs of the Austin chapter of the EAAEV
Youtube EVs   Link to electric vehicle videos on YouTube


EV associations

EAAEV   Electric Auto Association of the USA, with tips and tricks on how to convert your gasoline powered car into an electric one
AVERE   European Electric Road Vehicle Association (founded 1978 by the European Community), covers EVs as well as hybrid and fuel cell powered vehicles
EVUK   Electric Vehicle Association of the UK
AAE - EV Portal   Very comprehensive site of the Italian Association of EVs (in italian)
ETA   Environmental Transport Association (UK): EVs and other fuel efficient cars



EVtransPortal   This "portal to alternatives in transportation" features a huge number of links sorted by EV specific areas
AltCar Expo   Alternative Car exposition held in Santa Monica, California
Who killed the electric car?   The website to the movie "Who killed the Electric Car?", about the "death" of GM's EV1 (released by Sony Pictures in the summer of 2006)   Clean Power Show on -- with reports on EVs