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Climate Change Websites

IPCC   The website of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; the IPCC has published an updated report on climate change at the beginning in 02/2007
Real Climate   Comprehensive website on climate science and change
BBC (CC)   Comprehensive website on climate change by the BBC
Guardian   Article on climate change in the Guardian
stopclimatechaos   A group that organizes events and gives tips to combat climate change


Renewable Energies and Sustainability - Websites and Blogs

Treehugger   Treehugger contains useful postings on sustainable living, including renewables
Celsias   Celsias has an extensive section on clean technology (as well as EVs)
Green Energy TV   A well-made website with several interesting video clips on topics ranging from renewables to green vehicles and political aspects
Relight   A startup company in Italy that offers consulting and turn key project implementation for a range of renewable energies
liveabetterlife   An interesting blog on measures everyone can undertake to live more sustainably (i.e., better)


Energy saving tips

EST   Energy Savings Trust (UK)
Carbon Trust   The Carbon Trust is a UK government organization that supports sustainable energy projects and consults businesses on carbon saving measures


Renewables knowledge

Tech Review   MIT Technology Review on emerging technologies (including the latest on renewables)
Wikipedia   The wiki on renwable energies
Zukunftsenergien   Zukunftsenergien is the name of a comprehensive website and an excellent book with a very detailed analysis of renewable energies (in german)